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BAS Bongo nets

Bongo net is a marine equipment used for zooplankton sampling. Two types of Bongo nets were used to generate data accessible from this portal:

1. BAS motion-compensated Bongo net consists of two nets with the diameter 0.61m and mesh size 100 um and 200 um deployed at the same time to collect plankton samples. It is a bespoke net that by correcting for the pitching and rolling of the ship maintains constant upward velocity of the net through the water and thus minimising damage of the sample or the net by sudden acceleration. The net was typically deployed to a maximum depth of 400 metres. Further information is available here.

2. BAS Mini-Bongo net is a lighter version of a Bongo net with mesh size 50 um. This type of net is mainly used to catch small zooplankton in depth up to about 100 metres. Further information is available here.

The mesozooplankton species composition and abundance was determined using both types of Bongo nets.

Dataset citation:

Ward, P., Tarling, G., Shreeve, R., ten Hoopen, P. (2020). Epipelagic mesozooplankton distribution and abundance in Southern Ocean Atlantic sector and the North Atlantic and Arctic 1996-2013 [Data set]. UK Polar Data Centre, Natural Environment Research Council, UK Research & Innovation. https://doi.org/10.5285/5A711904-EF42-46A3-9F47-3F0D6B231F65.

Dataset further details can be found here.